A complete Guide on How to Manage and Recover from Storm-Damaged Trees

Storm-Damaged Trees

When dealing with storm-damaged trees, it’s essential to prioritise safety. This guide offers insights on managing and recovering from storm-damaged trees. If uncertain about handling the aftermath, it is strongly recommended to seek professional assistance to ensure a secure and effective recovery process.

Tree Assessment

After a storm, it’s really important to check your trees. See if any branches are broken, roots have come out of the ground, or if the tree is leaning. Broken branches hanging up high might fall down suddenly and cause damage or be dangerous.

Salvage Potential

Pruning Broken Branches

Spring emerges as one of the best seasons for addressing storm-damaged trees. With the onset of new growth, it’s easier to identify and prune broken branches without impeding the tree’s recovery.

Fertilising and Watering

Post-storm, your trees might benefit from extra care. Consider fertilising to replenish lost nutrients and providing adequate watering to support recovery.

Replanting After Damage and Tree Removal

If tree removal becomes necessary due to irreparable damage, planning for replanting is crucial. Choosing resilient species suitable for your area can aid in landscape restoration.

FAQs About Storm Damage to Trees

What signs indicate my tree is damaged in a storm?

Check if branches are hanging, or if the tree is leaning to a side. Also, look for branches that are dead or have fallen, and roots that have come out of the ground. These are signs to watch out for.

What is the proper technique for pruning broken branches?

Careful pruning involves cutting back to the branch collar without leaving any stubs. If you’re dealing with larger branches or feeling unsure, it’s a good idea to hire a professional.

When is tree removal the best option after a storm?

If the damage poses a risk to safety or the tree’s survival, removing the tree might be necessary. Professional arborists can evaluate the situation and provide appropriate advice.

Need help with storm damaged trees?

Scott Davies Tree Surgery specialises in storm damage tree services. Our team of experienced arborists offers professional assistance in assessing, pruning, and, if needed, safely removing dangerous storm-damaged trees.