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You can read the rest of my bio below. But first, why not join me and the team as we took down a couple of maple trees recently.

So you read my brief bio on the homepage but want the longer version?

Okay, here goes…

I’m a tree surgeon and have been for over 20 years (my age is 50 odd). Before I started this job I had dark brown hair, then it went to a Richard Gere kind of grey, then to a Gandalf white, sadly.

I’ve seen and experienced a lot of different things and changes in my profession. Some funny, some sad and others “how we gonna get this tree down from here??”

I decided to update my web site recently and instead of the usual confusing words people use to impress potential customers I thought I’d give you a bit of insight of my life before and into my profession…

I was born in Reading in the late 60s. My parents split up when I was five, my mother and twin sister moved to California. I moved to Little Hulton with my father and elder brother. I suppose we got the raw end of the stick! I never really recovered from the loss of my mother and twin and it showed in everything I did. I was a very unhappy child and had quite a lot of behavioural problems.

In 1984 I joined the Royal Regiment of Fusiliers and served for five years.

I tried many different jobs when I left but was rubbish at them all of them. I went into business and had a variety of different experiences and businesses. From a sun bed shop to a Chinese restaurant and to be honest I hated them all.

I met my girlfriend when I was in my 30s. She’s my best friend, sparring partner, enemy, confidant and my rock. I’ll always be indebted to her for helping me turn my life around. She’s also a fantastic mother and daughter and has given me direction and stability. At last I found happiness, after years of walking around in the dark.

The next stage of my life was finding something I enjoy and would be good at and it was her who suggested tree surgery.

The only problem? I was frightened to death of heights! But I knew I had to get over this obstacle to achieve my goals.

I contacted the army and they recommended doing a course some other soldiers have done and I proceeded down that route.

The first tree I ever climbed was an oak tree. My legs were shaking and I was holding on like a koala bear. But what gave me hope was a Grenadier guard, he’d just come back from Afghanistan. He was roughly 2 foot underneath me and shook more violently than I did!

Once I qualified I picked up the Yellow Pages, called every company and asked them to take me on and I didn’t expect any wages. I just wanted to work and get the experience because it’s a skilled and dangerous job.

Finally somebody did. I’ll always be indebted to Phil Staz from Bolton trees. I worked there for a year, picked up the basics then moved onto the council and started to study my trade in depth.

At last I found something I was good at!

I’ve done many many courses on soil and rock formations, tree identification, diseases, canteen schemes, various health and safety courses, how to prune the tree correctly, how to dismantle a tree correctly, stump grinder operations, the list just went on and on.

I’d go out night after night posting business cards, knocking on doors and asking people if they’d like their tree to pruned or taken down.

I was proactive and had a drive and determination not to fail and to prove to myself and others I’ve got the magic to make it happen.

Now I have an excellent team around me. My second in command is an ex-soldier called Stuart Smith who has been an outstanding friend and work colleague.

When we work for our clients, whether it be domestic or commercial, I guarantee you 100% hard work, honesty, manners and professionalism. Sometimes things can go wrong and if they do we always correct them.

One thing I’ve learnt is that to be successful it isn’t being good at one thing it’s being good at everything and offering a package. Being on time, communicating with your customers, being good at what you do, offering good men with the right training and the right machinery.

I hope you like the insight into myself and my team and a little about my life. I appreciate you reading these paragraphs and I hope you call me so we can talk and do a fantastic job for you,

Kind regards

Scott Davies