Crown Reduction

What is Crown Reduction?

Crown reduction is a pruning technique employed in arboriculture to reduce the overall size and height of a tree’s crown. It involves selectively removing branches and foliage to achieve a more balanced and compact shape. This process helps manage the tree’s size in relation to its surroundings, mitigate potential hazards, and improve the tree’s health and aesthetics. 

Crown reduction requires careful assessment by skilled arborists who consider the tree’s structure, growth patterns, and species characteristics. Proper pruning techniques are applied to ensure the tree’s vitality and minimise any negative impacts.

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Scott Davies Tree Surgeon
Scott Davies Tree Surgeon
Scott Davies Tree Surgeon

Benefits of crown reduction tree surgery

  1.  It helps maintain the health and structural integrity of the tree by reducing the weight and stress on branches. This minimises the risk of branch failure and potential hazards. 
  2. Crown reduction also improves clearance around the tree, preventing interference with power lines, buildings, or neighbouring vegetation. 
  3. It enhances the tree’s appearance by creating a more balanced and aesthetically pleasing shape.

Overall, crown reduction tree surgery promotes the longevity, safety, and visual appeal of trees within their environment.

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Pollarding is a pruning technique that involves cutting back a tree’s branches to a predetermined point, often near the main trunk. This practice promotes new growth and is commonly used to manage tree size, maintain a specific shape, or harvest wood for various purposes.

Why pick Scott Davies Tree Services for the crown reduction service?

Our team of skilled arborists is equipped with the knowledge and proper tools to execute precise and careful crown reduction, crown lifting or crown thinning. They prioritise the health and safety of trees, ensuring minimal impact on their vitality. Moreover, our commitment to customer satisfaction, professionalism, and attention to detail sets them apart. By choosing Scott Davies Tree Services you will be guaranteed reliable, efficient, and high-quality crown reduction service for your trees.

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jacqualine scottjacqualine scott
19:22 28 Oct 22
Scott and his team arrived on time to trim and prune 2 trees and also to cut down ivy which had grown at a rapid rate on my house. The service was excellent and my garden and path was swept by the team. I would recommend I would highly recommend Scott and his team to anyone looking for a reputable Company. I have passed his details to my son. Well done Scott and many thanks. Your work was much appreciated
June PadleyJune Padley
20:47 03 Oct 22
I contacted Scott not realising that he was on holiday. He promised to get back to me when he got back. True to his word he came to assess the job gave me a price and left that with me. I accepted his offer I am so glad that I did. Scott turned up on time and pruned my hedges. He and his team were very professional and polite. I am very pleased with the end result and I would recommend him without hesitation. It is very refreshing in this day and age to get professional firms to commit. Scott ticks all the boxes for me.
Dan PearsonDan Pearson
12:00 22 Aug 22
100% recommend to anyone looking for tree surgeons. Scott turned up the same day as I called him, gave a very fair quote and fit us in to his already full schedule 4 days later. The 2 guys on the day were very friendly, professional and did a brilliant job, leaving the garden spotless and the trees completely cleared up. Couldn’t fault them in anyway and would use again without hesitation. Thanks guys 👍🏻
Amanda FairhurstAmanda Fairhurst
21:22 02 Jun 22
Scott and his team are very knowledgeable about all aspects of tree removal and pruning. They will inform you if what you want doing could potentially cause the tree to start leaning and suggest what would be best to do to stop this from happening. His team are all very polite, friendly and professional and are a credit to Scott. We are very pleased with the work they have done for us and would highly recommend them
Alexis GrioliAlexis Grioli
14:55 23 May 22
Start to finish Scott was an absolute pleasure to deal with. Really professional and knowledgeable. He came out to quote quickly, called when he said he would and turned up when he said he would. To make things even better, Scott and the team did an excellent job. Would definitely recommend. Best service I've received in a long time.

Crown Reduction FAQs

To reduce the crown of a tree, carefully prune branches back to desired lengths using proper pruning techniques. Make clean cuts just outside the branch collar or at lateral branches. Remove dead or crossing branches and selectively thin the crown to achieve a more compact size and shape.

Crown reduction is needed in trees when they have overgrown, pose safety risks, or obstruct structures or utility lines. It may also be necessary when managing the size of trees in relation to their surroundings or to improve the tree’s health and aesthetics by reducing excessive crown density.

The best time for crown reduction depends on the specific tree species and local climate. In general, crown reduction is often performed during the dormant season, such as late winter or early spring, when the tree is not actively growing. This timing allows for better recovery and minimises stress on the tree.

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