7 Spring Garden Tips

spring Garden Tips

Start prepping for your Spring garden now!

As spring is approaching, gardeners everywhere start eagerly preparing their outdoor spaces for the coming season. After all, spring is a time of rejuvenation and growth in the garden. 

Whether you’re taking care of big trees or small flowers, there are important things you need to do to prepare to make sure your garden grows well in spring and summer.

Putting in the effort now will maximise the time you spend in the garden, as you’ll be able to fully relax and enjoy your outdoor space once summer arrives. 

4. Spring Gardening Tips

  1. Gardening tools

Before you start working on your spring garden, it’s important to make sure your gardening tools are clean, sharp and ready to use. During the winter, tools can get dull, rusty, or dirty from not being used. 

Take some time to check your garden equipment, like shovels, spades, pruners and shears. Clean off any dirt or mud, sharpen blades if needed and put oil on moving parts to make sure they work well. 

Taking care of your gardening tools now will save you time and frustration later when you’re working in the garden. 

  1. Site clearance

Spring cleaning isn’t just for the interior of your home; it’s equally important in your garden. One of the first tasks after preparing the gardening tools is to tackle is site clearance, which involves tidying up any debris left over from winter. 

Fallen leaves, dead branches and other debris can cover up new plants and make a home for bugs and diseases. So start with these areas first. 

Begin by raking up dead leaves, clearing out flower beds and straightening garden beds or borders. Getting rid of clutter including loose debris which may end up in the garden soil will make your garden look better and help your plants stay healthy.

  1. Fence Maintenance 

When you’re getting your garden ready for spring, don’t forget about your garden fences.

If you have wooden fences, check them for rot or damage from the winter. Rotten posts or panels can make the fence weak and should be swapped out now to prevent needing a complete fence replacement down the line. 

For steel fences, look for rust and damage that can make the metal weaker over time. You might want to put on a new coat of paint to prevent rust from forming.

  1. Order summer flower seeds

While winter is a good time to plant spring bulbs, it’s also wise to think about the flowers you want to plant in the spring so that they will bloom in time for summer. 

Support your local garden centre and head for a visit to pick out some summer flower seeds or vegetables. By shopping locally, you can find the exact plant varieties that will grow well in the Manchester area, and you can also ask for advice if you need it.

Gardners’ World has some fantastic ideas for plants that can be used to fill spring containers. 

Here are some other good choices:


Colourful garden blooms arguably don’t come more vibrant than Marigolds. Boasting fast germination, Marigolds thrive best when planted in full sun along with fertile and well drained soil. These colourful flowers also keep pests away and bring in helpful bugs to your garden.


Making a delectable addition for hanging baskets or flower beds, Petunias can be found in pink, purple or white. Mix and match to make a colourful splash in your garden, particularly in terms of potted floral displays. 


Geraniums add a colourful statement to containers, and with some gentle pruning can be woken up in time for spring. The scent produced by Geranium flowers is often mistaken for roses, with fruity aromas which are intensified when you crush a petal between your fingers. 


Cosmos plants adore the sun and are particularly renowned for being hugely attractive to butterflies. This makes Cosmos an ideal variety to consider if you are looking to make your garden more appealing to wildlife. 

Purchase your summer flower seeds now, and you’ll have enough time to plant them inside or outside once it’s warm enough. If you take good care of them, including adding in some nutrient-rich compost, these flowers will make your garden look beautiful in the summer. 


If you’re fortunate enough to have a garden house or shed, now is the perfect time to give it a thorough spring cleaning. 

Remove clutter and sweep away any dirt and spiderwebs that have built up over winter. Check for any damage or signs of pests or rodents, like holes in the walls or chewed-up containers and fix them quickly. 

Cleaning up your garden shed will make it easier to use and a nice place to relax in the garden.

Spring Tree Care Tips 

Spring is a crucial time for tree care as it sets the tone for the growth and health of your trees throughout the year. 

3 Tips for Spring Tree Care:

  1. Tree inspection: Checking for tree damage or disease in the spring is an important aspect of tree care. By checking for tree diseases in the spring, you can catch problems early and undertake the proper tree care to prevent further damage to your trees. 

If you suspect that your tree may be diseased, it’s important to consult a tree specialist for proper diagnosis and treatment. Professional inspection of the bark and leaves is one of the best ways to prevent diseases from taking hold of the tree. 

  1. Prune trees: Spring is a great time to prune trees, as pruning can help remove any deadwood or diseased branches. A good prune will also shape the tree and promote healthy growth. Pruning in the spring can also help remove any branches that may have been damaged by winter storms or other weather events.
  1. Fertilise: Spring is also an excellent time to fertilise your lawn as well as your trees. Fertilising trees in spring can provide essential nutrients to support their growth and health especially for fruit trees. How to fertilise trees in spring: 

                     3.1.  Before applying fertiliser, it’s a good idea to test the soil to determine the nutrient levels and pH balance. You can purchase a soil testing kit or send a soil sample to a local extension service for analysis.

                      3.2. Select a slow-release, granular fertiliser designed specifically for trees. Look for a fertiliser with balanced nutrients, such as a 10-10-10 or 20-20-20 blend.

                      3.3 Apply the fertiliser around the base of the tree, not too close to the trunk. Use a broadcast spreader or apply by hand, following the manufacturer’s instructions for the correct amount to use.

                      3.4. After applying the fertiliser, water the tree thoroughly to help the nutrients reach the roots. Water deeply and infrequently to encourage the roots to grow deeper into the soil.

                    3.5. Add a layer of organic mulch around the base of the tree to help retain moisture and regulate soil temperature. Avoid piling mulch against the tree trunk, as this can cause damage or encourage disease.

                     3.6. Depending on the type of fertiliser you use and the tree’s specific needs, you may need to apply fertiliser more than once during the growing season.

  1. Plant new trees: Besides taking care of your existing trees it is a great time to plant new trees, as the weather is mild and the soil is moist, which is optimal for root growth. Take care when planting trees to ensure the position is not too close to buildings or structures. In addition, before planting, consider the required sunlight or shade depending on the variety. 
  1. Clean bird feeders: It’s important to regularly clean bird feeders to maintain a safe and inviting feeding environment for birds. Regular cleaning helps prevent the buildup of bacteria and mould, ensuring the health and well-being of visiting different bird species.

Remember that healthy trees not only add value to your property but also provide many benefits, such as shade, beauty and cleaner air. Taking care of your trees in the spring is an investment in their long-term health and vitality. 

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