During adverse weather conditions, such as storms and gales, trees become more vulnerable. High winds can dislodge branches, and even cause entire trees to topple over, which can obstruct roads and damage people’s property and vehicles.

It’s not only the weather that can affect trees; if they are neglected and left to over-grow they can sometimes fall down or have branches fall off without warning.

Whatever the cause, a fallen tree or branch is always inconvenient, and often dangerous, so it needs to be taken care of in a timely manner. As the tree owner, it is your responsibility to ensure that a dangerous tree situation is resolved as soon as possible after it happens.

Clearing away a fallen or dangerous tree requires heavy lifting equipment and chainsaws, so we would never advise you to attempt it yourself! Here at Scott Davies Tree Surgery our operatives carry the CS 50 qualification in the safe handling of dangerous tree situations.

We provide a 24/7 emergency call-out service, so no matter what time of day the tree emergency occurs, you can call us! We’ll come out and evaluate the situation, making it as safe as possible. If we can’t remove the fallen tree straight away, i.e. if the incident happened during the night, then we’ll return the next morning and finish the job to a high standard.

If you’re experiencing a tree emergency right now, or just require information or advice then please contact us and we’ll happily help you in any way we can.